Day Pass Rates:

Day Pass - Obstacles: $15 

Day Pass - Obstacles and Bubble balls $25


Family discount = *parent and child both participating 

*Obstacles: $12

*Obstacles and Bubble balls: $20 


Hours subject to change for holidays, school vacations, private parties etc... 

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movement terrain-0017_edited.jpg


*Monthly: $80 

3 Month commitment $70 per month

6 Month commitment $60 per month

*Start anytime with first month pro-rated, plus one month. No cancellation fees

Family Memberships Monthly: first 2 $90 additional $15 each 

Family membership includes 2 individuals. Additional persons only $15 a month. Family plan qualifications include couples that are engaged/married, or (1) parents and/or their dependent children. 

If you have any questions please give us a call 413-348-9646

Look forward to seeing you in the gym soon!